Cook. Eat. Explore. Live Redventurously.

BY Leah Brakke

This year Black Gold Farms will be showcasing an exceptional sales opportunity with an exciting new display at PMA’s Fresh Summit in Orlando, FL, introducing a groundbreaking full-year promotional program while serving up bold & interesting potato dishes that will guarantee all attendees get to experience a REDVENTURE firsthand.

Consumers already think that red potatoes are the best match for more adventurous dishes and flavors, according to proprietary research conducted by Black Gold Farms.  In fact, more than 5 out of 6 red potato users respond that they enjoy adventurous or interesting foods, and two-thirds of red potato users agree that red potatoes go better with adventurous cuisine!

 “The red potato is not only a great match for adventurous dishes, but it is the most versatile potato type. Many people have one or two go-to dishes that use red potatoes, but we’re out to show everyone that the red potato can be pretty amazing”, said Leah Halverson Brakke, Director of New Business Development for Black Gold Farms. “Our obligation is to your plate, community and world – and this program encompasses that. We feel like this program is bigger than just an amazing meal, it’s an attitude about how you eat, work and play.”

“By launching this program at Fresh Summit, we will be able to talk to retailers and foodservice operators about how they can leverage this concept to really grow their red potato sales in-store or in a restaurant. The red potato is truly the only potato type that can claim ownership of this position, and Black Gold Farms is the only grower/packer/shipper that is willing to put the marketing dollars behind a year-long program to help their customers capitalize on it” Said Don Ladhoff. He added, “We’re eager to work with our retail and foodservice customers to develop compelling programs that could include adventurous recipes, attention-getting point-of-sale, exciting consumer contests and other unique in-store, digital and social promotional elements.” The campaign will launch in retail at the beginning of 2017.

At Fresh Summit, Black Gold Farms will be sampling REDVENTUROUS recipes like Chipotle Red Potato Lettuce Cups – which is already a finalist in the PMA’s Sensory Experience Contest.

And then there is Papas Rojas Bravas with Saffron Aioli, an intriguing fusion of flavors that personifies the spirit of REDventure.

After the show, yet another REDVENTUROUS recipe will be revealed on the Black Gold Farms website, Red Potato & Strawberry Latkes with mint cream.


Cook. Eat. Explore. Live Redventurously.