Ten ways we dig deeper for the world.

Being a fourth-generation farm family, we continue to be committed to sustaining the fertile soils, fresh air and clean waters. By harnessing new-generation technology like fuel-efficient power units and field-based sensor technology, we’re constantly evolving. This allows us to make a bigger contribution to preserving our environment, and hopefully leaving it a better place.

We are a progressive and dynamic company, passionate about growing food responsibly and committed to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our employees, land partners, vendors and customers.

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The relationship that Black Gold Farms has with the communities in which we live and work is based on connection and trust. The community has to know who we are and how we do business. Black Gold Farms must be a leader and provide resources to ensure these communities are also sustainable. We focus on doing everything possible to ensure communities are strong and healthy.

Potato Harvesting Data


There must be a high level of commitment to data collection to demonstrate improvements in sustainability. In order to be effective, the data collected must be accurate, useful and relevant. Gathering accurate, useful and relevant data that matters requires many tools. Some of the tools that Black Gold Farms uses are telemetry, on-board “computers” in the tractor cab, field sensors and advanced computer software.

Crop Irrigation


Land management is fundamental, and careful applications of water, crop nutrients and pesticides are critical components of our agronomy practices. We use a systems-based approach that applies to nearly every decision we make. We embrace the Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) concept and base our strategies on the best science available. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has been part of our production efforts for generations. We focus on leaving the land in better shape than we found it.


Green Buildings

Growth typically requires construction. For new construction projects, Black Gold Farms utilizes LEED construction techniques, where possible. The corporate office is completely LEED certified. We are always investigating renewable and efficient energy sources, and using the latest technology to ensure safe and energy-efficient processing. We focus on making sure our buildings are as energy efficient as possible.

Our People

Our number-one asset at Black Gold Farms is our team of employees. It’s the people of the Black Gold Farms team who on a daily basis make the entire operation work. Black Gold Farms guarantees that those who are a part of the team receive appropriate compensation, time off to spend with their family and the training that is required to be successful. We focus on keeping our people happy, healthy and empowered.


For any business to succeed, it must be profitable. Profitable companies stay in business, they pay their employees and they put money back into their communities. Black Gold Farms is not afraid to talk about the importance of being profitable. This is a key factor of sustainability. We focus on profitability, as well as our customers’ and vendors’ ability to be profitable.

Potato Harvesting Technology


There is new technology available on a daily basis to help us be more efficient farmers. We utilize the most advanced technology in the field, in the shed and in the office whenever economically possible. We use "new generation" fuel-efficient power units and renewable energy when practical. We do annual calibration of irrigation pivot output and have implemented field-based sensor technology for optimum application timing and water conservation purposes. We are constantly learning and researching new technology. We focus on technology that will increase our efficiency and decrease our carbon footprint.


The Future

Black Gold Farms is a fourth-generation family farm that started in 1928 in the Red River Valley of North Dakota. That same land is still farmed today, and hopefully will be for years to come. There are many lessons that have been learned that have made Black Gold Farms into the global production, sales and service operation that it has become. We are serious about working daily on the quest to be a world-class production and marketing organization. We focus on planning for the future of the company for our customers, our families and our communities.


To ensure that our communities, our customers and those we work with understand and trust us, Black Gold Farms is committed to transparency. We invite the communities to the farm on a regular basis and encourage questions and discussion about how we do what we do. We’ve committed to being transparent and to telling our story through several vehicles to ensure that there are no secrets, both internally and externally. We focus on making sure our stakeholders understand who we are, how we do business and what we are about.



Black Gold Farms has production areas throughout the United States, allowing us to provide locally grown products to many markets. Growing products closer to markets eliminates “food miles” or the need to haul products for long distances. This system also allows products to reach the market sooner and enhances freshness, naturally extending shelf life and reducing the amount of product waste. We focus on finding ways to grow food close to where it needs to be.