Passion is its own Reward

BY Gerald DeVold

I’ve been working with potatoes for a little over half my life and the passion I have for this kind of work has only really grown during my times with Black Gold Farms. I’ve never would have had the opportunities to do what I’ve done if it wasn’t for Black Gold Farms. Over the many years I’ve been given the opportunity to meet a lot of extraordinary people from all over the country who have a wealth of knowledge and experience, while having so much passion for what they do and their willingness to share that passion with others.

Living the Passion for Potatoes

This July I had the chance to meet a few more exceptional people, people like Gene Smith and Victoria Wright of our Sturgis Michigan farm. When they gave us a field tour of this year’s potatoes, just listening to them talk about the crop and the changes they’ve made -  to how they raised them compared to last year - you could just sense their passion for what their doing. Tammy Johnston of our Delhi Louisiana location, the way she handles the vast number of employees and still be very upbeat and personable is I believe a testament to the passion she has for her job.

Endless Possibilities

There have been so many changes at our East Grand Forks location that it feels like every day there’s something new to learn. Through my passion for potatoes, I’ve been able to learn and do things I’ve never imagined - hauling seed to the field to help with planting, a overseeing the washing and packaging of our red potatoes, to becoming a Farm Better Ambassador (Class II).

When you have the passion, the possibilities are endless, and the hard work doesn’t seem so hard. Not only has passion helped me professionally but it has had an equal effect on my personal life. I met my wife (Kayla) through Black Gold Farms, I’ve had two beautiful daughters (Lucy and Opal), and just recently I bought my first house. If it wasn’t for the passion I have for potatoes none of this would have been achievable. In my mind, there is no better feeling than knowing you don’t have to wake up and dread going to work every day because that’s what you love doing.

It’s passion that allows you to continue when things get challenging, whether it’s the elements or something else making the day hard, you know it was all worth it, because at the end of a long day you know you did your best. It’s passion that causes one to try and better themselves not only on a professional level but a personal one.

It’s passion that keeps you coming back for more because in the end passion is its own reward.