I AM a potato farmer. I may be in the office, but I am a potato farmer.

BY Lisa Dick

As I sit (or stand at my cool new ergonomic desk) staring at the double monitors, I pause as Tim McGraw’s song Down on the Farm fills my office … I remind myself that I “too” am a potato farmer.

Sure, I may not be handling the dirt in the field doing the prep work, applying fumigant, cutting seed in the shed or riding on the planter, while watching for skips or clumps, tending to the beginning of a fresh new crop - However, I am analyzing, prepping, and inputting employee names, start dates, tax filing number, date of birth, current address, compensation details, form I9, state and federal W4s for our seasonal, H2A, and full-time employees.

Sure, I may not be in the field monitoring pivots, applying chemicals or taking yield sample to ensure the outcome is what I’m planning for - However, I am verifying hours exported from the time clock system match hours paid. I check benefits, deductions, and taxes are squared and employees take home pay is distributed accordingly.

Sure, I may not be operating a harvester or behind the wheel of a field truck, on the grading line sorting and picking quality potatoes, or quality control lab weighing, sizing, counting, and frying to ensure what we ship from land to customer is accurate - However, I am timely submitting Local, State and Federal filings to comply w/ government regulations to ensure our business maintains in good standing.

Sure, I may not be operating a piler and loading potatoes in the storage bins in Winamac, IN or watching the temperature 24/7 to maintain the spuds - However, I am balancing my general ledger accounts, processing and filing W2s for our employees to complete “my annual harvest”.

I am a potato farmer.