How Black Gold Farms Influenced my Eating Habits

BY Matthew Trujillo

How Black Gold Farms Influenced my Eating Habits 

From fast food and pizza to healthy eating, one REDVENTURE recipe at a time.

Growing up I didn’t always have the best eating habits. Whenever I could, I would eat burgers, fries, and pizza, whenever humanly possible. Unfortunately, those eating habits continued well into my twenties and one of the things you often hear but never really think about is the fact that once you reach your mid-twenties, your metabolism slows down to snail-like speeds. Now that I’m getting older, I began to finally see the effects of my eating habits and a change was in store. Surprisingly, what I didn’t know was that my internship at Black Gold Farms was going to be the catalyst to take my eating habits from grease fueled to healthy, in a matter of weeks.

As a lover of everything to do with potatoes, this internship has been amazing for me. I work at Black Gold Farms headquarters in Grand Forks, ND as our marketing intern, and one of the jobs I’m tasked with is uploading numerous recipes onto our website. At, you’ll be able to find countless red potato recipes for breakfast, side dishes, and main entrees. Whenever I would add a recipe, I found myself “oohing” and “aweing” at how wonderful these meals looked and then hours later I’d be in the Wendy’s line waiting for my beloved #6 meal. One day, enough was enough and I realized the huge opportunity that I was neglecting. Use these delicious red potato recipes to my advantage.


Beautiful red potatoes plucked during harvest.

When I began to incorporate red potatoes into my diet, I quickly noticed that I had more energy and felt healthier overall. That’s not surprising though, because what I discovered after some research, was that red potatoes are surprisingly incredibly healthy for you. I would never have linked healthy and potatoes together before, but shockingly, they are symbiotic. They are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals, while also being a great source of carbohydrates. So, if you prepare them the right way while staying away from your best friend, sour cream, then eating red potatoes will benefit you greatly! Though we always hear bad things in the press regarding potatoes, red potatoes pack more health benefits as a side dish than white rice does.


Just some of the health benefits of red potatoes.

I went to the Black Gold Farms recipe list and wrote down which dishes I wanted to start making. The first dishes I made were the Parmesan Dill Garlic Wedgies and the Chipotle Red Potato Lettuce Cups. Not only was I eating healthier, I was having a blast doing so. Over time I worked my way through the entire list. Sometimes I wouldn’t prepare them correctly, but hey, potatoes are potatoes, right?


The Chipotle Red Potato Lettuce Cups were my personal favorite recipe on the list.

Utilizing the red and sweet potato recipes provided by Black Gold Farms has left me feeling healthier and makes the process of making meals fun. Up next for me is the Kung Pao Red Potatoes, and I’m sure it will taste just as delicious as it sounds!

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